He found brotherhood with his fellow one per centers, and a code he has lived his life by. [150] Over the following years, the Crown sought to use Graham's initial 1988 statements as evidence for the trial while the lawyers for Hawkins and Morin sought to exclude these statements as evidence. [73] Berry was arrested after he was caught trying to steal a tank from a U.S. Army base. By 1970, Satan's Choice had some 300 members and chapters across Canada, making it the second largest biker club in the world. [120] People in Port Hope were so outraged by Mayiyek's murder that it was deemed impossible to find an impartial jury in that town, so the trial was held in London, Ontario. [30], On 25 September 1967, Guindon held the first national convention of Satan's Choice at a farmhouse in Markham Township just outside of Toronto, which was also attended by the Vagabonds club. [123] Campbell had been convicted of perjury once and as a result, the jury distrusted him. Sudbury Olympian-turned-Hells Angel biker shot on his motorcycle . : Guindon took the name from another disbanded club in Toronto,. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. [167] However, Stadnick seemed more interested in the Loners than Satan's Choice. [66] In the 1970s, the San Francisco-based Hells Angels were seeking to expand from California into Florida, leading to a biker war with the Chicago-based Outlaws. [23] MacLeod wanted to form the first Satan's Choice chapter in la belle province. [199] Briere disappeared in September 1988 and his corpse was found three weeks later on 17 October 1988, while Sretenovic disappeared on 14 August 1996 after boasting about how he helped Dub kill Briere. [108] While Sauv and Blaker drove west to Port Hope, several members of the Toronto chapter abandoned drinking and watching a hockey game at their clubhouse to head east to Port Hope. [95] Between 1978 and 1983, the "psychopathic killer" Trudeau killed 18 out of the 23 Outlaws slain in Montreal during the conflict. : In July 2017, a new motorcycle club identifying themselves as Satan's Choice emerged using the same patch, but otherwise not connected to the original club. TV Shows. Will have you questioning your own morality, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 25, 2015. [171] Both the Hamilton chapter and the Sudbury chapter purchased the vast majority of their drugs from Richard "Rick" Valle of the Angels Nomad chapter. US English. [22], In 1967, a black outlaw biker from Montreal, Rod MacLeod, arrived at a biker's convention at Wasaga Beach to meet Guindon. [82], During McEwen's presidency, in-fighting between the chapters became common and in 1977, McEwen tried to expel the entire Kitchener chapter after some of its members talked too frankly to two journalists from the Kitchener Record. [119] Ultimately, eight members of Satan's Choice were charged with the murder. the best motorcycle club around in Ontario we always had each other's backs and we never judged people not like today how sad. This version of Satan's Choice was small in size, only numbering about 45 members, and had a very casual, non-criminal focus at the time. Thanks you Lorne. There was no pulling heavies. Login . [156] He was wearing a bulletproof vast and survived. [147] When Roddick's body was found on 25 August 1985, it was the fourth murder of a biker in Hamilton that month. He didn't have his balls that fucking day". [136] A committee led by Comeau's sister and mother campaigned to free the wrongly convicted "Port Hope 6", publishing a newsletter that had subscribers in Canada, the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Japan. , ISBN-10 [156] He was known for his aggressive and confrontational personality, which led him to being transferred over to the Oshawa chapter after he was involved in quarrels with almost every member of the Kitchener chapter. [87] McEwen brought over a number of American Outlaws from their Detroit chapter to provide intimidation at the Crystal Beach meeting. [13] The outlaw biker subculture came to be seen as a symbol of rebellion and freedom with many of the younger people having a very romantic and idealized image of the bikers, who were admired for their "authenticity". [99] On 8 September 1983, Guy "Frenchie" Gilbert of Satan's Choice Kitchener chapter was having lunch at Le Petit Bourg restaurant in Longueuil, Quebec with Yves Buteau, the national president of the Hells Angels, to discuss "patching over" to join the Hells Angels. [190] In early December 1996, Croitoru visited Sudbury to see Dub with his followers "Jimmy Rich" (a court-ordered pseudonym), Garry Noble, Gordie Cunningham and a man known as "Lebanese Joe". And they knew it would piss him off to have another club in what he considered to be his town". [199], Guindon had been a professional boxer in addition to being an outlaw biker and by the late 1990s, he was beginning to suffer from brain damage caused by his boxing career. [21] Police raids in the 1960s discovered that Satan's Choice members possessed guns, brass knuckles and marijuana, the latter which were as much for their own use as to sell. edition (July 31, 2014), Language [195] Cunningham then revealed the story behind the bombing. [125] The defense lawyers argued that Comeau could not have possibly fired the same bullet that went through Matiyek's head that also ended in his side, leading the prosecution to change its thesis midway through the trial to now claim that there had been two gunmen instead of one as first claimed. [5] The group regulated itself somewhat differently from most motorcycle clubs such as the Hells Angels, using a series of bylaws instead of a single written constitution or charter. [6] In the outlaw biker subculture, using the name and patch of a former club without permission is seen as very disrespectful. [188] Croitoru and Juretta then drove to Sudbury to hand over the bomb to Dub. , Macmillan; Main Market Ed. [184] The clubhouses in Hamilton and Toronto were seized as the proceeds of crime. President of the Sudbury, Ontario chapter of the Satan's Choice Motorcycle Club, Dub committed suicide in jail after being charged with two counts of first-degree murder and the bombing of a police station. [122] Comeau and Sauv were convicted of first-degree murder while the other four were convicted of second-degree murder. [31] Attending the convention were the members from the chapters from Oshawa, Ottawa, Guelph, St. Catherines, Windsor, Montreal, Preston, Kingston, Peterborough, and Hamilton. I started this book with an open mind, and finished it rather confused of my feelings about Mr Campbell. , Item Weight [145] Between 1985 and 1988, Guindon opened up four new chapters in Ontario, adding about 95 new members. As a member of a patched Club (not 1%) this book struck me as very well researched, accurate and fair. [150] On 18 January 2010, Hawkins won the right to sue the two Crown Attorneys at his trial, Brian Trafford and William Wolski, alleging malicious prosecution. [80] Shortly afterwards, Kellet was involved in a shoot-out with the Hamilton police when he opened fire with a shotgun on a police cruiser, leading to the police to return fire and ultimately kill him. Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2023, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates, Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. [186] Unfortunately for those involved with Project Dismantle, no convictions were ever given as a result of the charges and arrests stemming from this operation. [109] The members from Toronto who went to Port Hope that night were Garry "Nutty" Comeau, Jeff McLeod, Larry Hurren, Lorne Campbell and Armand Sanguigni. [167] In June 1993, the Hells Angels, led by their national president Stadnick, hosted a party in Wasaga Beach attended by all of the Ontario biker gangs except the Outlaws and Satan's Choice. [88] The way his supposed allies, the Outlaws, poached several chapters away from him while he was in prison caused Guindon to have a lasting grudge against the Outlaws, and during the subsequent struggle between the Hells Angels and the Outlaws, Guindon was to lean in a pro-Angel neutrality. [16] The unwillingness of outlaw bikers to testify against one another in court following their code made it difficult for the authorities to prosecute them for their frequent street fights, which contributed to their "cool" image as men who successfully broke the law. [18] In the documentary, Guindon and the rest of his club claimed to be rejecting what they called the mindless conformity of Canadian society. [140], A series of police raids in 1983 in Madoc discovered a methamphetamine factory operated jointly by Satan's Choice and the Para-Dice Riders that produced about $3.6 million worth of methamphetamine per month. [50] It was understood by members of the Special SqRuad that "legal niceties" need not be upheld as the politicians demanded convictions to show the public that action was being taken. [43] While they were involved in a number of criminal activities that were typical for biker gangs, such as robbery, theft, assault, and running prostitution rings, they were notably deeply involved in drug production and trafficking. Stay tuned for Unsolved Sudbury II [118] Hall's investigative methods were heterodox and contrary to accepted standards, but what mattered to him was providing the evidence to convict as many Satan's Choice bikers as possible. [7] Ever since a brawl in 1962 known as the "Battle of Pebblestone" that saw the Black Diamond Riders defeat the Golden Hawk Riders that Guindon belonged to at the time, it has been his mission to seek vengeance on the Black Diamond Riders. Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. "[222] Donny Petersen, the national secretary of the Hells Angels, used his Facebook page to attack the new club, writing: "Those who take a patch from a respected club, one that has history, courage, who has paid their dues, died, done time and all the rest like what are you thinking? I just wanted to see where his balls were. [216] Wattel, the president of Satan's Choice Kitchener chapter, became the president of the Hells Angels Kitchener chapter. Satan's Choice grew to more than 400 members by 1970,[2] making it the second largest outlaw motorcycle club in the world, behind only the Hells Angels.[3]. McEwen called a secret meeting on 1 July 1977, with most of the chapter presidents being present where he called for "patching over" to the Outlaws, arguing that being members of an American-based club would add to their power, saying that the St. Catherine's and Windsor chapters had already decided to join the Outlaws. [1] [32] Amid much riotous drinking in a barn where the convention was being held, 23 police officers raided the barn about midnight, but came under a shower of empty beer bottles, forcing them to retreat. [29] Cecil Kirby stated about Berry: "There are guys who would start fights and then they'd say 'Come and help me'. [113] Campbell had heard that Matiyek had a gun and he brought along a gun to the Queen's Hotel. They make money big time". This is the UK release of Lorne Campbell's memoir Unrepentant (https://smile.amazon.com/Unrepentant-Strange-Sometimes-Terrible-Campbell/dp/0307362574/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=unrepentant&qid=1553028618&s=gateway&sr=8-2). [62] Kirby recalled in a 2015 interview: "If there was trouble anywhere, they'd sent Howard Berry out to take care of it. He was a member of the Satan's Choice motorcycle club during his Olympic boxing career and later became Ontario vice-president . [150] However, Hawkins then married Graham on 31 March 1989, and at subsequent preliminary inquiry hearings she claimed she had committed perjury at the instigation of the detectives and Crown Attorneys at the first preliminary inquiry hearings in 1988. It was estimated that about 90% of the violence in the 1970s was related to the control of the drug trade. [162] In the winter of 1990, a group of senior Satan's Choice members led by Guindon and Campbell visited the Hells Angels' clubhouse in Sorel to seek an alliance with the Angels against the Outlaws. [188] Martin told Isnor that he had been ordered to kill Davies, an order that he found himself incapable of obeying. The club was involved in the first major outlaw biker conflict in Canadian history, when it engaged the country's second largest club, the Popeyes, from 1974 to 1976. [51] As part of the campaign against Satan's Choice, Hall orchestrated a media campaign, leaking information to journalists that portrayed Satan's Choice as public enemy number one, sparking a moral panic against the club. [217] Wattel was a locally prominent businessman who owned The Barking Fish Caf restaurant in Cambridge. [51] Unknown to Guindon, it was McEwen who tipped off the police about the PCP factory at Oba Lake and told them when Guindon would be visiting so they could arrest him. The Satan's Choice MC had branches in Keswick, Kitchener, Oshawa, Sudbury, Simcoe County, Thunder Bay and Toronto but nothing outside the province. Home; Members; News; Results; Events; About us; Links; Media; Contact; 27 Nov 2020 ", which inspired Dub to shout "fuck yeah!" [25] Lorne Campbell, a founding member of Satan's Choice and one of Guindon's principle lieutenants remembered: "There wasn't machine guns or knives back then, but there were pretty serious fights". [86], Satan's Choice lost the chapters in Montreal, Hamilton, St. Catherine's, Sault Ste. [221] The group seems to have disbanded as nothing have been heard of the gang since 2017. [182] Making matters worse, Satan's Choice the same year was targeted by a major police operation dubbed Project Dismantle, which involved almost 300 officers from the OPP, as well as the municipal police forces of Halton, Durham, HamiltonWentworth, Waterloo, Sudbury, and Metropolitan Toronto. [188] Juretta was a former soldier in the Canadian Army and was an expert with explosives. [51] At times, the fugitive hiding program caused tensions. [188] Len Isnor of the OPP's Anti-Biker Unit was not impressed with Croitoru, calling him "just stupid". [89] Lorne Campbell stated: "The split never would have gone down if Bernie was still out. [215], Campbell claimed that "Pigpen" Berry had retired and was running a "charming" bed and breakfast resort in the Ontario countryside. : One of the very best true accounts of a man who must be seen as a true biker, loyalty and respectful. He was a stand-up guy. [192] In May 1997, Isnor came into contact with a drug dealer known as "Ed" due to a court order who was behind in his payments to the Sherbrooke chapter of the Hells Angels and wanted to turn informer. The decline of the Choice of Satan's Choice: [Final Edition] Pender, Terry. But they weren't gangsters; we'd pick them up for little things-simple assault, vandalism, trespassing, public drunkenness, that sort of thing". Did Mike Dube kill Alex Stretenovich? [46] Melcher wrote there was an element of self-interest to Guindon's strategy since Satan's Choice was the largest club and his strategy for peace by mutual respect for each other's territories enshrined the dominance of his club by preventing challenges into his territories. Not what I was expecting after all the rave reviews and few biography bits picked up online. [51] The drug network for selling the PCP ranged as far as Florida, and the police estimated Guindon was making at least $60 million per month in sales. [75], In May 1976, the club's leader Bernie Guindon was incarcerated on drug charges relating to the Oba Lake drug bust. But I don't think you wanted to cross them". Unlike other organized groups such as the Mafia, the outlaw biker subculture was perceived by public by 1973 as especially dangerous. Brian Beaucage spent the night of 3 March 1991 devoted to drinking, hard drugs and watching pornography in a Toronto rooming house. [103] Several members of Satan' Choice warned the Golden Hawk Riders, including their sergeant-at-arms, Bill "Heavy" Matiyek, who had a reputation as a hothead, not to go through with the planned "patch over", a demand that Matiyek rejected. [146] In 1985, a second version of Satan's Choice Hamilton chapter opened up on St. Matthew's Avenue which was very close to the Outlaws' Hamilton clubhouse at 402 Birch Avenue. [35] Arrested together with Guindon at the barn were his second wife Barbara Ann and his right-hand man Howard Berry. In 1983, Hoffmann was acquitted on an appeal, with a judge ruling that the Crown had acted badly by not disclosing to Hoffman's lawyer that it had the audio tapes proving he was in Kitchener the night of the murder. [141] Another set of raids in 1984 seized two small-caliber handguns, marijuana and marijuana oil, and a small amount of cocaine from four private residences in Scarborough. [195] "Ed" was able to obtain evidence that Cunningham was involved in drug dealing. These people showed me true love, and I was taught that God loves us all.". [52] Kirby stated that there was one clerk who had access to the most classified information and: "Club members carried her number in their wallets. The names they a. [169], In 1995, Satan's Choice made an alliance with the Diablos, a club led by a former Choice member, Frank Lenti, resulting in a biker war in the summer of 1995 with the Loners, a club which Lenti had founded before he was expelled from it the previous year. [36], On Sunday morning as those arrested were taken into the Don Jail, there were a number of journalists from the local television stations present and the bikers blew kisses to the cameras. [53] The American journalist Mick Lowe wrote that, starting in 1973, Hall "had inhabited a strange nether region on the fringes of Canadian law enforcement" as he went after bikers via very ruthless and often illegal means, making him into a "black legend among Canadian bikers" who feared him as a policeman who did not follow the law. The club was involved in the first major outlaw biker conflict in Canadian history, when it engaged the country's second largest club, the Popeyes, from 1974 to 1976. [160] By late 1989, both Guindon and Campbell were growing dissatisfied with the low quality of incoming recruits into Satan's Choice, feeling that the new members were of abysmally low intelligence and were too "soft". [213] On 22 May 2011, he was convicted of conspiracy to traffic in cocaine. [150] In 1997, the charges against Hawkins and Morin were withdrawn by the Crown following the revelation that the OPP detective investigating Hawkins and Morin had been in a sexual relationship with Graham at the time, a relationship the prosecutors were aware of, but failed to disclose to the defense lawyers representing Hawkins and Morin. [184] The chapters that suffered the most from Operation Dismantle were the ones in Hamilton, Sudbury, Thunder Bay and Milton, while the other chapters escaped relatively unscathed. [52], Kirby concluded that Satan's Choice "had the upper hand in Toronto because we had the best intelligence network around. [28] Through Guindon found Berry repulsive, his willingness to do anything made him useful and he came to serve as his principal enforcer. Satan's choice mc. [5] He had promoted the merger of the four clubs to end the attacks of the Black Diamond Riders, arguing if the four clubs were united, it would have such an overwhelming numerical superiority that it would ensure that the Black Diamond Riders would not dare attack them anymore. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness. [37] The Markham incident was not considered a triumph for the forces of law and order with public opinion on the side of the bikers, who were felt to be victims of excessive force. [2] An additional and unintended result of "reverse intimidation" campaign was to drive out the genuine motorcycle enthusiasts out of Satan's Choice while leaving behind only those committed to organized crime who were willing to accept imprisonment from time to time as a consequence of their lifestyle. Stool pigeon motherfucker". [45] The "Canadian Blue" methamphetamine produced in Ontario sold for $8,000 Canadian dollars per pound, but in the United States was sold for $12,000 U.S. dollars per pound. [147] The day after Roddick's murder, Satan's Choice disbanded their Hamilton chapter with its members relocating to the Kitchener chapter. [176] On 25 August 1995, Lenti was badly wounded by a bomb planted in his car. [175] Despite the lucid headlines in the newspapers, Satan's Choice was not committed to an all-out struggle against the Loners, and Lorne Campbell made an agreement with the Loners that all of York Region north of Highway 7 was a "no war zone". Why the prime suspect was a Satan's Choice biker who once wrestled Hulk Hogan The outlaw biker named Johnny K-9 died quietly at a Toronto halfway house in 2007. [4] As a member of the Hells Angels Sudbury chapter, Boudreault was a favorite of the chapter president Lorne Campbell, whom the Hells Angels appointed to that position in 2001. "[203] Gault was paid $1 million by the Ontario government for his work as an informer and as of 2011 he was delinquent in paying children support. [134] The issue was debated on the floor of the House of Commons as the NDP MP Svend Robinson and the Liberal MPs Warren Allmand and Christine Stewart all charged that the case was a miscarriage of justice. [1] The man who replaced Guindon as national president, Garnet "Mother" McEwen, was a proponent of "Yankeeization", favoring close ties with the Outlaws unlike the Canadian nationalist Guindon who wanted to keep his club Canadian. [46] Guindon argued the outlaw biker clubs should respect each other's territories and avoid violence. [60] The Devils' Disciples and the Montreal chapter of Satan's Choice were engaged in the manufacturing and smuggling of chemical drugs, a market that the Popeyes decided to violently enter in 1974, leading to the biker war. [62] The same underworld struggle drew in the Irish West End Gang on the side of Satan's Choice while the Dubois Brothers gang backed the Popeyes. [152] As Hawkins was deeply in debt owing to the costs associated with his divorce, the police allege that he began to sell information to Morin. [177] With Lenti in the hospital, the Diabos collapsed which marked the end of the war. [42], Towards the end of the 1960s and into the 1970s, Satan's Choice slowly developed into an organized crime group as a result of the large potential profits from criminal activities. [7], Former Phantom Riders president Guindon became the president of this newer, larger version of Satan's Choice, and later their national president as the group expanded. [106] Brideau sought revenge by calling Satan's Choice's Peterborough chapter from the phone booth outside the Queen's Hotel. Yes, were going to watch. [48] The first day of filming, 3 October 1970, was highly chaotic owing to unruly behavior of the bikers who refused to take direction, and matters continued to decline thereafter. At the same time, another four members of the Choice's Peterborough chapter were also convicted of separate charges relating to a gang-rape. [63] In an interview, Berry stated that he was hired to kill people, but never actually succeeded in doing so. It grew to more. The Kitchener chapter was generally considered to be the strongest Satan's Choice chapter that had a firm arm-lock on organized crime in the "Tri Cities" of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo from the early 1970s onward. It went uncollected". In 1962, the Satan's Choice club led by Don Norris was forced to disband following attacks from the rival Black Diamond Riders, who humiliated them by beating them up in street fights and stealing their patches. I loaned them my old chest as a sample and told them where they could be made. When we spotted a rival gang member, we'd also use her to see if there were any outstanding fugitive warrants on him. Satan's Choice Motorcycle Club (SCMC) was a Canadian outlaw motorcycle club that was once the dominant outlaw club in Ontario, with twelve chapters based in the province, and another in Montreal, Quebec, at its peak strength in 1977. [70] McEwen wanted Guindon out of the way in order to pursue his plans for "Yankeeization". [54], One consequence of the "reverse intimidation" campaign was to reduce Satan's Choice membership from the all-time high of about 400 members in 1969 to about 110 in 1977. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. [173] On 1 August 1995, the Toronto clubhouse of Satan's Choice on Kintyre Avenue which was backing the Diablos was hit by a rocket fired from a military rocket launcher by the Loners. [139], In 1983, a Satan's Choice-turned-Outlaw, David Eugene Squin, stormed into the clubhouse of the Chosen Few in Emeryville, where he killed three people and wounded three more. [74] James "Blue" Starrett of the Outlaws was found to be living in St. Catherine's on 22 July 1976 under the name Charlie Brown, where he ran a painting business and was a member of the local Satan's Choice chapter. [172] Satan's Choice agreed to sell drugs to the Diablos and offered the possibility of joining Satan's Choice, which angered the Loners, who were buying their drugs from the Hells Angels. [84] McEwen called a secret meeting attended by William "King" O'Reilly, the president of the Windsor chapter; John "Doctor John" Arksey, the president of the Ottawa chapter; and Joseph "Sonny" Lacombe, the president of the Montreal chapter. [218] On 12 January 2011, he was convicted of various charges relating to conspiracy to traffic in illegal narcotics, being sentenced to four and half years in prison. [130] Hoffman was the treasurer of the Choice chapter in Kitchener and had known Hall since 1974, having very unfriendly relations with him. [99] Squin fled to the United States and was killed in a shoot-out in Illinois in July 1985. [99] On 19 November 1984, Guindon was released on parole for good behavior and despite his parole conditions, resumed his association with his club. After being kicked out of a strip club for wearing the Satan's Choice gang colors, he and several friends toyed with bombing the club, but instead bombed a police station in Sudbury, Ontario, causing over $100,000 in damage. [80] One of the first Satan's Choice members to be murdered was John Foote, who was killed on 4 November 1976 by another member, John Harvey. [10] In 1969, Satan's Choice reached its peak strength of 400 members as the club grew rapidly in the 1960s. [34] The police smashed up the motorcycles of the bikers in retaliation for the damage done to their cruisers. They'd come and go so fast". 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